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Change, that would create opportunities for every Nigerian to dream of a better and brighter future.

Nigeria is facing a lot of problems in these last few years.
I will fix and improve the system of what the current government has currently done.



Nigeria faces the highest number of children out of school youths in the world, making millions of young Nigerians waste their potentials that can possibly improve the lives of their families. And even though there is a functional education system, the facilities are overcrowded and ill equipped. And even parents cannot afford their children to go to school.

"We will invest in education. The more educated your country is, the better your development."

The vision of Peter Obi to improve the education sector is one of his primary issue that needs to be attended, as it is an important factor that will earn Nigeria the workforce they need for the future.

"I have known this even as a governor of the state where I took the state from #28 to #1 in education."



The Healthcare system of Nigeria is “deplorable” as the facilities are poorly developed and has suffered backdrops on Local government levels. There is also an inadequate surveillance system developed, hence, no tracking system to monitor outbreaks of diseases. Peter Obi points out the betrayal of the government in the health sector because of inadequate budgetary allocations.



Nigeria's economy is one of the largest in the world, thanks to its oil industry that caters to the world’s economic powerhouses. But Peter Obi worries about the situation of the people that they only depends on the imports from other countries.

"The consequences is that we have a state but it is unproductive. Nigeria as a country is unproductive because when we talk about 80 million people that are not working, about 70 per cent are youths in their productive age doing nothing with so much tendencies."

Peter Obi will spearhead programs that will improve the economy by building production level facilities and business that will focus on finances that generate money.

"Nigeria muse create jobs; it must give people the opportunity to earn their livelihood; and it is not a rocket science."
"This is necessary because you can’t have revenue when everyone is leaving in poverty."



Nigerian people has a deepening distrust towards the current head of state due to insecurities and rising conflicts that affect democratic government. And Peter Obi had pointed out the inability to address these problems and challenges painted the country as a failed state.

"… our current dysfunctional system rewards unearned income and conspicuous consumption …" Peter Obi shared his ideals that will improve the visions for the Nigeria and place back the distrust placed by the mistakes of the government.
"Our governance mission will be twin-tracked. Secure Nigeria in every ramification: national security, human security, food security and tackling insecurity created by unemployment."

Also, Peter Obi will focus also on the other sectors that was underfunded and ignored the current head of state so that there will be equilibrium in Nigeria’s governance and also for the economy.

"I would fix insecurity, bad economy, poor electric power supply and ensure food security in the country in the country within the shortest possible time as president."



The increasing tension between the Insurgents and the government displaced millions of Nigerian people, especially in the North eastern part of Nigeria. Taking advantage of the poverty and security challenges fuel the extremist to continue their operation.

"The solution to lasting security is to pull people out of poverty and criminality will reduce."

Peter Obi’s path to reduce criminality is to create stable jobs for the Nigerians, also for Civic and Military sector to increase the security detail on the region.

Because of the banditry and insecurity problems, Nigeria faces a form of revenge due to lack of investment in human capacity for several years, and this problem will tackle by Peter Obi on his commitment towards security.